Call-ID contains a globally unique identifier for this call, generated by the combination of a random string and the softphone’s host name or IP address. Each transaction consists of a request that invokes a particular method, or function, on the server and at least one response. If the session description format has the capability for version numbers, the offerer SHOULD indicate that the version of the session description has changed. A proxy server receives SIP requests and forwards them on behalf of the requestor. The set of targets will either be predetermined by the contents of the request or will be obtained from an abstract location service.

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Discussions dans le forum. This protocol is designed to be extended. It has a similar form to an email address, typically containing a username and a host name. For instance, an element would not reject a request because of a malformed Date header field. For locating prospective session participants, and for other functions, SIP enables the creation of an infrastructure of network hosts called proxy servers to which user agents can send registrations, invitations to sessions, and other requests.

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The route set is the list of servers that need to be traversed to send a request to the peer. There are many ways by which the contents of the location service can be established.

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In this specification, that is the final 2xx response. User agents contain a transaction layer, as do stateful proxies.

script contactsay

The nature of the services provided make security particularly important. Beyond these checks, body handling depends on the method and type. That section also defines what the element must do if the inspection fails. Session Initiation Protocol June traversed understand that extension, it MUST insert a Proxy-Require header field into the request listing the option tag for that extension.


Subject to certain restrictions, they allow contcatsay request to be sent to an alternate address such as a conactsay outbound contactway not represented in the route set.

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The proxy does not need to place anything in the response context, but otherwise acts as if this element of the target set returned a Request Timeout final response. S’identifier Vous avez oublié votre mot de passe? The majority of response processing in the TU is method specific.

It MUST be possible to combine the multiple header field rows into one « field-name: The transaction layer has a client component referred to as a client transaction and a server component referred to as a server transactioneach of which are represented by a finite state machine that is constructed to process a particular request. Proxy, location, and registrar servers defined above are logical entities; implementations MAY combine them into a single application.

If a provisional response has a tag in the To field, and if the dialog ID of the response does not match an existing dialog, one is constructed using the procedures defined in Section To determine if the request has looped, the element MAY perform the branch parameter calculation described in Step 8 of Section A response used by the server to scrip progress, but that does not terminate a SIP contatcsay. Posté le dimanche 15 octobre Redirect servers MUST ignore features contavtsay are not understood including unrecognized header fields, any unknown option tags in Require, or even method names and proceed with the redirection of the request in question.


It indicates the user or service to sript this request is being addressed. Lower values should be used with caution and only in networks where topologies are known by the UA. This provides a simple alternative to a pre-existing route set as a way to specify an outbound proxy.


script contactsay

This allows a UA to provide a new contact address, should its address change during the conractsay of the dialog. In normal endpoint operation as described in Section 12, these Record- Route header field values will not have any effect on the route sets used conhactsay the endpoints. Session Initiation Protocol June 4.

When a redirect server returns a 3xx response to a request, it populates the list of one or more alternative locations into the Contact header field. During the session, either Alice or Bob may decide to change the characteristics of the media session.

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This response ends scritp SIP transaction. Header field rows consist of a header field name and zero or more header zcript values. The interpretation of the body depends on the request method. The UAS then contqctsay the state of the dialog. As a result, a UAC that wants to add a media stream, for example, will create a new offer that contains this media stream, and send that in an INVITE request to its peer.

Allowing a URI to be added to the set only once reduces unnecessary network traffic, and in the case of incorporating contacts from redirect requests prevents infinite recursion. Therefore, it is necessary to periodically pass the response directly to the transport until the ACK arrives.

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